Logo Pop Sockets

Logo Pop Sockets are becoming more and more popular in the tech world. While at first glance Pop Sockets may just look like circular devices that you stick on the back of your phone, these little gadgets have a variety of uses. Additionally, logo Pop Sockets can be customized with your logo, which helps tremendously to promote your brand in the best possible way.

Logo Pop Sockets allow you to text more easily, preventing your phone from slipping out of your hands. These little devices can even help you take that perfect selfie without the risk of the photo coming out blurry. Use your Pop Socket to turn your phone into a media stand, ensuring multitasking is a breeze. In addition to all of these uses, logo Pop Sockets are always there on your phone to keep you entertained. Just pop the Pop Socket open and closed over and over to help you brainstorm and calm your nerves.

Everyone will love all the ways in which these Pop Sockets make their lives easier. Pop Sockets display your brand each time you use your phone. In this day and age, that is quite a bit!

Branding and Customizing

Pop Sockets can be customized with a 1 color logo or even a full color logo printed directly on the Pop Socket. No matter how many colors you choose, you can rest assured that these logo Pop Sockets will help promote your brand and also help make your life easier.

If you are interested in learning more about these trending logo Pop Sockets, please email us at sales@perfectionpromo.com. You can also check out the capabilities of logo Pop Sockets at http://perfectionpromo.com/product/promotional-popsockets-imprinted-company-logo-bulk/.

We at Perfection Promo are here to help you to create a unique, colorful logo Pop Socket that will show your brand in the best possible light every single day.

Showcase your brand with a full color logo Pop Socket!

Microsoft Logo Pop Socket

1 Color Logo Pop Socket

Philz Coffee Pop Socket

Philz Coffee full color logo Pop Socket