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StellarSight™ Solar Eclipse Glasses | Bulk Orders | Exclusive Stock Designs

Bulk orders ships in time for the Eclipse as low as $0.69 per unit

Certified and Safe: Your Gateway to the Cosmos

Step into the shadow of the moon with confidence using StellarSight™ Solar Eclipse Glasses. Our exclusive range of stock designs provides a spectacular viewing experience of the astronomical event that’s on everyone’s bucket list – the Solar Eclipse on April 8, 2024.

Key Features:

  • AAS Approved: American Astronomical Society approved, ensuring each pair of glasses adheres to the highest safety standards.
  • ISO Compliant: Our glasses comply with ISO 12312-2:2015, guaranteeing your eyes are shielded against harmful solar radiation.

Product Details:

  • Ready for shipment:  Ships from our warehouse, with shipping costs calculated separately.
  • Stock Variety: Choose from a range of captivating designs, with the option for blank glasses if you prefer something more understated.
  • No EQP: The price reflects our commitment to providing you with competitive rates without any additional membership fees.
  • Fixed Designs: To maintain our fast delivery promise, customization is not offered for these designs.

Collection Showcase:

  • Unique Designs: Each pair features a unique design inspired by the cosmic event, from celestial bodies to astral phenomena.
  • Blank Option Available: For those who appreciate simplicity, we offer a classic blank version, focusing purely on function and safety.

With StellarSight™, you’re not just buying solar glasses, you’re ensuring a safe, visually stunning eclipse viewing experience. Order now and be prepared to watch as day turns to night and the stars align for a spectacle unlike any other.