Virgin America Portable Chargers

Virgin America had long been a satisfied Perfection Promo client when their team approached us looking for a fresh new concept for their upcoming golf event. Virgin is an innovative company, and didn’t want typical tournament swag like balls, towels, and hats. We were asked to come up with a gift that could be used on or off the course.

Perfection Promo created a custom Virgin America model airplane-shaped portable phone charger. The perfect solution for juicing up your phone on the go, representing the Virgin brand on the golf course or on the road.

Our client loved this custom item and we received exceptional feedback. In fact, the item was so well liked that another employee of the company ordered the chargers for her department as a holiday gift at the end of the year.

Perfection Promo’s creativity led us to be recommended to other colleagues at Virgin America where we have done several projects. One of our favorites was creating 20,000 Foam Hands at AT&T Park for the San Francisco Giants fans on Virgin America Day.